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Tier 3:
The Communication Problem

“We need help executing an event or facilitating a meeting.” “We need a writer.” “We need help sustaining the communication tools we have in place.” Recommendation: Communication Support Services Develop content and messaging for newsletters, web-based tools, program notices, brochures, direct mail, press releases, presentations, and other collateral Event management and meeting facilitation Monitoring and […]

Tier 2:
The Communication Problem

“We have a communication plan, but we keep hearing we don’t ‘communicate enough’.” “We don’t have the resources to implement the communication activities we need.” Recommendation: Development & Implementation of Communication Tools Audit your existing communication activities Create, plan, design, and implement specific communication tools and programs that are strategically positioned within your existing plan […]

Tier 1:
The Communication Problem

“We don’t have a communication strategy in place.” “We do a lot of ad hoc communication, and we’re exhausted from fighting the fires.” “We’re not sure how our communication activities should link to our business/project.” Recommendation: Communication Strategy Development & Planning Set the strategic direction for your project’s or organization’s communication function or process Develop […]

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