The Big Picture is Important…and so is Connecting Your Communication

Change management. Organizational development. Stakeholder engagement. Leadership development. Cultural transformation.

Communication is the common factor. The more strategic the communication, the clearer the path forward becomes.

Your people, safe conversations, and solid research are fundamental in helping your project achieve its goals and objectives. Do all parts of your program contribute to the larger vision? Are all of the pieces working together? Are the right pieces in place?

Strategic communication is about dialogue, process, integration, collaboration, measurement, and continuous improvement.

Links Communication Solutions is a consulting firm of one…namely me, Debbie Chow. My goal is to work with you to make the best decisions possible.

My Core Beliefs

  • Respect – for your people, business environment, and processes.
  • Creativity – in developing the processes and tools that fit your budget and situation.
  • Reliability – in co-creating and co-delivering solutions that address your communication issues and time frames.

My Commitment to You

I will:

  • Start from where you’re at and go at your pace.
  • Involve your people from the beginning.
  • Listen to the perspectives of your team.
  • Be honest about issues and recommendations.
  • Help build capacity to sustain the changes put into place once I leave.